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Seeking medical treatment can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience and we know that it can be financially difficult too. The Patients services Division in your hospital will ensure that you not only feel at home, but also guide you in your payments, Insurances & reimbursements.

International Insurance:

In India, certain International Insurance providers approve Bariatric surgery and the list is available at the International Patients Service Desk in your preferred hospital. However, acceptance depends on the type of hospital and the claims. The insurance coverage provided by the companies will be valid only for Inpatient procedures which needs more than 48 hours of hospitalization and is subject to approval from the insurance providers. Generally, at the time of admission a deposit needs to be made at the in-patient billing department, based on your room category. This amount will be refunded once the hospital receive the payment authorization from your insurance provider. In case the insurance is not approved within 48 hours of admission, you're requested to settle the hospital bill and claim a reimbursement from your insurance provider.

National Insurance:

While third party insurance companies (TPA'S) don't see bariatric or weight loss surgeries being covered under health insurance policies anytime soon, patients undergoing such surgeries out of medical problems could possible be exempted under special circumstances. We have had a few such patients who have pursued and received reimbursement as they could establish that the surgery was not done for cosmetic purposes, and done as a life saving measure reducing the liabilities of the insurance company on a long run. Bariatric performing surgeons had already approached the government and also sounded Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) for bringing the surgery under insurance cover. However there is now an increasing trend among the government and corporate agencies with company insurance and reimbursements clearing Bariatric surgeries claims to treat morbid obesity with life threatening co-morbidities. At present few banks provide patients can pay back in easy installments (EMI) of their choice. Our department will help you process the loan.