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Gastric Bypass

Dr. Shashank Shah's bariatric surgery

25 Kilograms weight loss in just 3.5 months after Mini gastric bypass At Kular hospital

Mini Gastric Bypass

Super obese patient after 10 days of mini gastric bypass in India

Mini Gastric Bypass India Punjab 118 Kg to 71 Kg

Bariatric Surgery

Dr Rajesh Khullar Talking About Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Arun Pasad

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

Doctor Undergoes Bariatric Surgery at Kular Hospital India

Dr Kulars Interview about weight loss surgery

Gastric Banding

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Sleeve Resection

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Metabolic Surgery

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Novel Procedures

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Robotic Surgery

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Revision Surgeries

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Complication Management

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