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Evolution of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery in India (1999-2014)

Long considered a lifestyle disorder, Obesity is increasingly becoming a health concern for India, one that predisposes patients to many life threatening disorders.

While it requires surgical intervention for morbid cases, Obesity and its health implications are largely misunderstood. As an association of bariatric surgeons in India, OSSI aims to create & disseminate information on Obesity to educate & help not only the morbidly obese but also readers who may wish to learn more about this medical condition.

Our blog aims to facilitate knowledge & experience sharing on surgical treatments, new techniques and research for the advancement of bariatric treatments in India, with each article thoughtfully contributed.

Massive obesity was well-known in ancient India, particularly abdominal obesity, seen in depiction of images of gods and mighty bodies of demons. It was not until recently, it was seen as a problem, in fact as the myth of “Obesity as sign of Prosperity” was well rehearsed in the Indian psyche. Only at the end of 20th century, in last decade or so, some medical practitioners (I know of Dr. Vinod Durandar in Mumbai) took initiatives from his own examples, started practising weight loss medicine and therapies.

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