Bariatric Surgery Fellowship

Fellowship in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (FMBS)

OSSI is the first in the globe to be conducting a 1 year clinical fellowship program in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (FMBS). The fellowship committee has brought about an extensive and well structured syllabus. All those members and non-members including international surgeons who fulfil the guidelines and criteria laid down by the fellowship committee will be eligible to apply for the fellowship program. However, non-members have to complete the membership formalities before applying for FMBS.

All certified "Center of Excellence" hospitals will be running one year clinical fellowship program every year. One eligible candidate’s application will be forwarded to the respective participating hospital before the end of March every year. Once cleared, the candidate will be completing the course as per the core curriculum. The candidate is expected to read and follow the guidelines below and submit all required documents online at the end of the term. Successful fellows will be felicitated during the following annual OSSICON after the board’s clearance.

Foreign Nationals are required to submit a Temporary Registration Certificate from Medical Council Of India through the program director of the participating hospital. Applicant is requested to get in touch with the respective program director for the same. The certificate process will take atleast 8-10 weeks to be issued and hence the applicant need to start the process well in advance.

S.No Hospital/Institution City Program Director Since
1 Continental Hospitals Hyderabad Dr. Mahidhar Valeti 15.08.2018
2 Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi Dr. Arun Prasad 15.09.2018
3 Apollo Hospitals Chennai Dr. Raj Palaniappan 01.11.2018
4 ILS Hospitals Kolkota Dr. Om Tantia 15.11.2018
5 Jammu Hospital Jalandhar Dr. Gurvinder Jammu 01.12.2018
6 Aster CMI Hospital Bengaluru Dr. H.V. Shivaram 15.12.2018
7 Belle Vue Clinic Kolkata Dr. Safaraz Baig 15.12.2018
8 TODS Centre Bengaluru Dr. Tulip Chamany 15.12.2018
9 Manipal Hospital New Delhi Dr. Randeep Wadhawan 20.01.2019
10 Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi Dr P.K.Chowbey 24.01.2019
11 Asian Baraitrics Ahmedabad Dr. Mahendra Narwaria 24.01.2019
12 Gem Hospital Coimbatore Dr. Praveen Raj Palanivelu 24.01.2019
13 Virinchi Hospitals Hyderabad Dr. Surendra Ugale 24.01.2019
14 Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Dr. Ramen Goel 24.01.2019
15 Kular Hospital Bija Ludhiana Dr. Kuldeepak Singh Kular 24.01.2019
16 Aastha Bariatrics Mumbai Dr. Manish Motwani 24.01.2019
17 K.D.Hospital Ahmedabad Dr. Manish Khaitan 01.05.2019
18 Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi Dr. Atul NC Peters 01.01.2020
19 Laparo-Obeso Centre Pune Dr. Shashank Shah 15.07.2020
20 Mohak Hi-Tech Speciality Hospital Indore Dr. Mohit Bhandari 01.12.2020
21 AIG Hospitals Hyderabad Dr. Abhishek Katakwar 15.06.2021
22 Livlife Hospital Hyderabad Dr. Nandakishore Dukkipati 01.11.2021
23 Khyati Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad Dr. Sanjay Patolia 01.04.2022
24 CK Birla Hospital New Delhi Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu 15.04.2022
25 BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi Dr. Deep Goel 16.11.2022
26 Max Super Speciality Hospital Vaishali New Delhi Dr. Vivek Bindal 27.12.2022

Core Curriculum for FMBS


    It is expected that the fellow In additon to the clinical and technical experience detailed below, will also participate in non-clinical educational endeavours. These actvites must be documented and validated by the Program Director.

    1. Didactic Educational Sessions

      The fellow must document that they participated in at least 80% of meetings.Online Sign-Off Sheet can be used for this required documentation.The didactic sessions may include ASMBS textbook of bariatric - Volume 1 & 2 review sessions, journal clubs, peer-review conferences, and resident teaching rounds. The following topics must be covered during the fellowship:

      1. Epidemiology of Obesity
      2. History of Bariatric Surgery
      3. Physiology and Interactive Mechanisms in Morbid Obesity
      4. Preoperative Evaluation of the Bariatric Patient
      5. Psychology of the Morbidly Obese Patient
      6. Essentials of a Bariatric Program
      7. Preoperative Management of the Bariatric Patient
      8. Laparoscopic Vs Robotic Vs Reduced Port / SILS Techniques
      9. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
      10. Other Restrictve Operations
      11. Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
      12. One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass
      13. Other Malabsorptive Surgeries
      14. Revisional Weight Loss Surgery
      15. Managing Intraoperative and Postoperative Complications
      16. Nutritional Considerations & Deficiencies
      17. Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence
      18. Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery
      19. Role of Endoscopy in Bariatric Surgery
      20. Documentation and Scientific writing
      21. ERAS in Bariatric Surgery
      22. Bariatric Emergencies
      23. Special Considerations ( GERD, NASH, Hernia, etc)

      Click here to purchase ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery - Volume I (

      Click here to purchase ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery - Volume II (

    2. Audit Meeting Requirements

      Fellows are expected to participate in at least quarterly morbidity and mortality,including quality improvement and peri-operative management meets. Participation must be documented.

    3. Research Requirements

      Fellows are expected to conduct research and are expected to complete at least one clinical and/or research project during the fellowship and submitted to FMBS project director. The research project need to be presented in the OSSI national conference OSSICON or accepted for publication in the journal to which it will be submitted.

    4. Multidisciplinary Requirements

      Fellows are expected to participate in regular bariatric multidisciplinary meets. They also must attend OSSICON during their fellowship tenure and at least one patient support group and one patient educational seminar every quarter.


    Fellows in the department are required to provide outstanding evidence based clinical care to bariatric patients while advancing the future of medicine through innovative research.

    1. Surgical Operation Requirements

      In order to meet the designation of comprehensive training, fellows must be exposed to more than one type of weight loss operation and participate in at least 50 weight loss operations. The fellow should have assumed the role of primary surgeon in at least 10% of cases, defined as having performed the key components of the operation.

      There should be a minimum of 10 intestinal bypass operations (Roux – En-Y gastric bypass or One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass / other bypasses); a combined total of at least 10 Restrictive operations (sleeve gastrectomy and/or restrictive procedures);5 revisional procedures or complications; and exposure to and/or extensive teaching of bariatric-specific emergency procedures (leaks, bowel obstructions, internal hernias, intussusceptins, gastrointestinal haemorrhage and ulcers), as deemed adequate by the program director to establish competence in managing these complications. Fellows should also have an exposure to endoscopy ( attested by the Gastroenterology Consultant).

    2. Evaluation Requirements

      The fellow will participate in 25 patient preoperative evaluations, 25 postoperative in-patient management encounters, and 50 postoperative outpatient evaluations. All the evaluation requirement must be documented.

    3. Performance Assessment Synopsis

      The Program Director will be responsible for conducting at least 2 fellow performance assessment interviews ( theory & clinical) and provide the FMBS committee with outcome of the meeting.

    • Post MS / DNB General Surgery candidate with at least 2 years experience having sufficient skills in basic and intermediate laparoscopic surgery including fundoplication, herniaoplasty and stapled bowel anastomosis.
    • Post MCh / DNB GI surgery having sufficient experience and skills in basic and intermediate laparoscopic surgery including fundoplication, herniaoplasty and stapled bowel anastomosis.
    • International Fellow – Completion of the post graduation training in Upper GI Surgery having sufficient skills in basic and intermediate laparoscopic surgery including fundoplication, herniaoplasty and stapled bowel anastomosis.
    • A fully completed application form with all necessary documents attached
    • Candidate must be a member of OSSI (Not a member yet, click here to apply).
    • All certified "Center of Excellence" hospitals will be running one year clinical fellowship program every year.
    • A fully completed application form along with supporting documents of adequate qualification and experience to be submitted online.
    • Candidates will be applying with 2 choices of available centres. Once cleared, the candidate will be completing the course as per the core curriculum.
    • The candidate is expected to submit his logbook online at regular intervals with monthly assessment of the program director. After the completion of the course, the FMBS committee will be assessing the logbook for final approval.
    • The candidate will also be submisng his literature review and research articles online by the end of the deadline after assessment from the project director.
    • Successful candidates will be felicitated during the annual OSSICON
    • A typical fellowship will be for one year duration. The announcement of candidate will be latest by 30 March for that calendar year
    • The fellowship course will commence from 1st April - 31st March of the following year. A period of 15 days grace period will be allowed for candidate provided a valid reason has been intimated to the program director duly by email or post.
    • A grace period of three months will be given for completion of any pending requirements if any additional correction is requested by the examiners after submission. The FMBS committee should be able to access the fellow’s completed logbook and the final online evaluation sheets from the participating hospital no later than three months from the completion of the term.
    • Examination will be held in the fourth quarter of the course period during annual conference OSSICON, and the exact date will be announced 3 months in advance.
    • Examination will attract a fee structure which needs to be paid during examination application process once the dates are announced.
    • The fellowship will not attract any admission fee. However a non-refundable examination fees of Rs.25000 will be levied during the application process.
    • Arrear candidates need to re-apply for examination once the fellowship board approves his / her reappearance. A link will be sent to them for the fee payment.
    • The candidate will be withdrawing a minimum stipend of Rs. 60,000 per month during the course period through the program.
    • All other expenses related to stationaries, accommodation, food, travel and conferences will be borne by the candidate themselves.

Last date for submission of application

15 Feb 2023

Announcement of acceptance

28 Feb 2023

Course commencement

06 Mar 2023

Last date to choose literature review topic

31 Mar 2023

Last date to chose thesis topic

31 Mar 2023

Last date for submission of literature review

30 Sep 2023

Last date for submission of thesis

31 Jan 2024

Thesis abstract presentation

OSSICON 2024 - Day 1


OSSICON 2024 - Day 1


OSSICON 2024 - Day 1

Course Ends

OSSICON 2024 - Day 0

Graduation ceremony


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