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Centre of Excellence

The Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (COE-OSSI) program is a national patient safety and quality improvement program available to all bariatric surgeons and facilities around the country. The COE-OSSI program reflects the specific needs of obese patients and the unique roles and responsibilities of bariatric and metabolic surgery providers.

Any applicant surgeon / facility who haa performed at least 50 qualifying bariatric surgery procedures in the preceding 12 months and updates them regularly in the OSSI Registry would be considered. Also, each applicant surgeon should have performed at least 250 qualifying bariatric surgery procedures in their lifetime. The surgeon also needs to have expertise in restrictive, malabsorptive & revision bariatric surgeries, which needs to be reflected in OSSI registry as well. Each applicant facility and surgeon should meet the surgical outcomes benchmarks for mortalities, complications, readmissions and reoperations.


  1. Ensure patient safety
  2. Improve the quality of the services offered by both Institutions and Surgeons
  3. Ensure highly efficient and safe patient treatment
  4. Advise existing bariatric institutions to upgrade their status to level of excellence
  5. A Registry that will guide our decisions and respond to challenges by our colleagues, insurance carriers, health care providers, governments and the public.
  6. An invaluable resource for research.