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Corporate Council

Membership Details:

OSSI builds the relationship between industry and its members, offering regular meetings, conferences, marketing opportunities, registry, applications and other collaborative ventures. Industry plays an essential role in providing services, products, and equipment that supplement the relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient.

OSSI recognises the importance of industry and is proud to partner with leading bariatric/metabolic companies through its Corporate Council offering a venue for awareness and support.

Corporate Council enriches community relations, contributes financially, and plays a leadership role in the future of treatment of individuals with obesity and metabolic syndromes. Join your peers and get involved!

Membership grant access to OSSI leadership who provide field updates and exclusive communications on the state of the field/society via/phone and face-to-face meetings.

Corporate Council:

The Corporate Council was organised by a select staff of the executive committee of OSSI to develop and enhance the joint strategies and efforts of bariatric surgeons, healthcare, and industry professionals in a proactive approach to addressing the challenges of obesity. OSSI is proud to partner with some of the medical industry’s premier hospitals and companies to achieve this goal, and aims to better facilitate communications and feedback between the Federation, our members and industry professionals. The Council provides an opportunity, in making corporate’s voice heard in the mission of improving bariatric/metabolic care.

Support from industry professionals also helps OSSI further our goal of providing continuing education resources to our members and other bariatric professionals. OSSI provides appropriate opportunities for communication and exchange of ideas with our members through our conferences, member communications, and other collaborative ventures.

Efforts supported by the Corporate Council

  • Education / Research / Resources to OSSI members and other bariatric professionals.
  • OSSI / Bariatric Surgery Public Relations efforts (i.e. public awareness videos, meets)
  • Press Room at the OSSI Annual Meeting
  • Any other corporate / public awareness related activities by the association



Company link from OSSI website in corporate partner web page

Access to OSSI annual corporate council meeting

Access to OSSI communications & leadership

Preferential opportunity to exhibit in ancillary meetings

OSSI lapel pins recognising corporate membership

Complimentary access to member list

Access to annual registry output

Representation in all OSSI endorsed meetings

Preferential a la carte sponsorship benefits

Access to OSSICON pre & post-conference list

Support Opportunities:

If your company or organization is interested in joining us and our peers in providing support for our initiative, view our other available support opportunities.

à la carte Sponsorships:

à la carte sponsorship gives opportunity to all technology companies to parter with OSSI for individual properties in various activities run by the association.

Sponsorship Particulars

Amount in ₹

Banner advertisement in OSSI home page (per quarter)


Advertisement in newsletter


OSSI member list (complimentary for corporate members)


OSSI annual registry output data (complimentary for corporate members)


Access to OSSI pre & post-conference list (complimentary for corporate members)


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