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Endorsed Events

INDIA: Bariatric Surgery Society of India (OSSI)

Between September 2017 and September 2018, following meetings in India have been endorsed by OSSI:

September 2017; IFSO endorsed Controversies in Bariatrics, Organiser: Dr Arun Prasad and Dr Abhishek Tiwari, New Delhi, India. A 2 day meeting that had live surgery to discuss techniques, debates and panel discussions to discuss procedures and video sessions to discuss controversies in complication management, Total attendance of 215

February 2018; OSSICON, Organiser: Dr Raj Palaniappan, Chennai, India. A 3 day annual national meeting of OSSI. Post graduate courses, live surgery, abstract based presentations, debates and panel discussions. Total attendance of 350

March 2018; BMSS-WOCOME, Organiser: Dr Mohit Bhandari and Dr Mal Fobi, New Delhi, India. International consensus meet on techniques standardisation. Represented by 72 countries. Total attendance of 170

April 2018; Gain Insight on Weight Regain, Organiser: Dr Sarfaraz Baig and Dr Pallawi Priya. Kolkata, India. National data collaboration of 28 surgeons across 25 high volume centers with a focus on weight regain after Bariatric Surgery. The project resulted in the largest data collaboration on the subject of Weight Regain with a data of more than 10,000 patients and the results are under review for publication.

May 2018; Live workshop
Organiser: Dr Arush Sarbharwal, New Delhi, India.
One Day International Workshop on Obesity and Diabetes Surgeries
Surgical Center for Obesity and Diabetes. Attendance around 100.

June 2018; The 3rd Annual IEF Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Update, Organisers: Dr Jaydeep H Palep and Dr Nidhi Khandelwal. Mumbai, India. The conference was attended by more than 100 surgeons from all over the country, and more than 40 renowned faculty.

June 2018; B.E.S.T 2018, Organiser: Dr Shashank Shah, Pune, India. During the conference, live surgeries and multiple Video presentations in addition to interesting didactic sessions and debates were conducted. Attendance around 250.

August 2018; DiaSurg 2018. Organiser: Dr Suren Ugale. During the conference effect of various types of bariatric surgeries were discussed. Indian data on Surgery for diabetes were compiled and discussed. This was a unique single theme conference.

September 2018; Bariatric Endoscopy Workshop. Organiser: Dr Arun Prasad, Dr Mohit Bhandari, Dr Mandeep Kaur and Dr Abhishek Tiwari. New Delhi, India. Live workshop of the endobariatric sleeve plication and Balloon was done. Dr Manoel Galvao Neto talked online in detail about all the endobariatric procedures. Four patients were operated during workshop.
Arun Prasad, President of OSSI