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OSSI together with the world leaders in metabolic and bariatric surgery strives to educate, discuss and collaborate with fellow OSSIans. OSSICON has always been a festivity loaded with superb scientific programme that promises a unique opportunity for all those interested in obesity and metabolic surgery to share their experiences, expertise and knowledge and seek practical solutions in their search to eradicate and manage this epidemic. With an emphasis on integrated health and on surgical treatment strategies, participants can look forward to more postgraduate courses, multiple symposia and numerous oral, video and live operating sessions. OSSICON grew places since its first instalment in 2003 and is slated to be one of the great meetings in ASIA-PACIFIC region.

The first annual of conference of OSSI, aptly christened “OSSICON” was held in March 2003 in Mumbai with Dr T E Udwadia, pioneer of MAS in India as the Organizing Chairman & Dr Shrihari Dhorepatil as the Organizing Secretary. OSSICON since then has become a regular annual national event on OSSIs calendar with other OSSICON venues being New Delhi (2004), Ahmedabad (2005), Pune (2006), Chennai (2007), Kolkata (2008), Hyderabad (2009), Jaipur (2010), Indore (2011), New Delhi (2012), Bangalore (2013), Ahmedabad (2014), Mumbai (2015), and Chandigarh (2016) and Goa (2017).

OSSICON today facilitates a rare confluence of Indias best bariatric talent at one place. In 2012, OSSICON had the honour of organizing IFSOs world Congress in Delhi. OSSICON also had the privilege of conducting the prestigious IFSO-APC 2017 in Goa.

OSSI 2023

Obesity clinics globally are increasingly adopting the multidisciplinary approach and OSSICON 2023 intends to highlight the same. The congress will showcase the representation of talents from across the country through abstract presentation of their clinical and research work. To this end, there will be sessions on holistic approach to obesity associated diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis, infertility, GERD and liver diseases. This is apart from the demonstration of skilled surgeries, sessions on procedure selection, complications, talks on weight regain and revisions. Young OSSI will also get a great platform to showcase their stellar work. Then conference will have allied health professionals in a bigger way in the 3 day meeting.

Moreover, the congress also will showcase the use of registry, robotics, artificial intelligence and medical apps that will redefine bariatric practice in future. To keep you abreast about what’s happening in real-time at OSSICON 2023, delegates will benefit from the handy mobile app. No surprise therefore that OSSI is naming the theme of the conference as Bariatrics 2.0 !

OSSI is pleased to announce the plush JW Marriott Sahar Airport Mumbai as the venue for the CONFERENCE. March is good weather in Mumbai. So do make plans to come with your family and enjoy the city in “Mumbai ishtyle”. OSSI is here to ensure that OSSICON 2023 is a memorable event and we look forward to seeing you in Mumbai soon.

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