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OSSI National Bariatric Surgery Registry

Co-ordinating Committee

Dr Praveen Raj

Dr. Praveen Raj

President elect

Dr Surendra Ugale

Dr. Surendra Ugale

Chairman Scientific Committee

Hear from the co-ordinating commitee


Dear Members,

In this data-driven and Real World Evidence era we have initiated the first of its kind prospective observational multi-centric digital registry that aims to collect structured clinical data of patients through members. This is a unique and first if its kind initiative where all participants will be equal partners and publish original research.

TITLE: OSSI National Bariatric Surgery Registry

SCOPE: Long term, open ended. No restrictions on number of participants and patients

OSSI National Bariatric Surgery Registry is being formed with the following objectives

To create a comprehensive nationwide database for analysis of outcomes from bariatric and metabolic surgery in India. To accumulate data with a commitment to improve the range of surgical information available, which in turn helps surgeons to continually assess and raise the standard of patient care. Promote research projects using the registry data through an impartial requisition queue system where all contributing members may submit a proposal for research and get an opportunity to publish original research.

The platform we have chosen for the same will help and facilitate the entire process so that you also gain in your practice from your own data. As an esteemed member of the OSSI, we feel privileged in inviting you to participate in this registry.

Please share your details by filling up this short form.

On onboarding you will receive all the relevant documentation and training - protocols, CRF, EC clearance valid across India.

We look forward to your enthusiastic support and participation in making this registry a success.

With Regards,

Dr Manish Khaitan
President, OSSI


Know our partners - MEDEVA

Scientific and Knowledge partner for OSSI


MEDEVA, a comprehensive healthcare tech service provider, with its analytics enabled EHR platform and AI powered data driven solutions is the implementation, research & insights partner for the study. MEDEVA platform is geared for day to day use and for research with Real World Data - saving valuable time for Doctors and at the same time helping produce world class Real World Evidence through collaboration.


On registration for the registry the team from MEDEVA will reach out to you, train your team and help you through the entire process.