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OSSI National Bariatric Surgery Registry

In this data-driven and real world evidence era OSSI have initiated the first of its kind observational multi-centric digital registry that aims to collect structured clinical data of patients through its members to publish original research and to formulate national guidelines.


To create a comprehensive nationwide database for analysis of outcomes from bariatric and metabolic surgery in India.

To accumulate data with a commitment to improve the range of surgical information available, which in turn helps surgeons to continually assess and raise the standard of patient care.

Promote research projects using the registry data through an impartial requisition queue system where all contributing members get an opportunity to publish their original research.

Help facilitate the entire patient care pathway process to improve outcome and practice from own data.

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On registration, a member from our partner team MEDEVA will reach out to you, train your team and help you through the entire registry process.

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