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Sponsorship Support

OSSI is committed towards development of bariatric and metabolic surgical speciality through continued education for its members and other bariatric and allied professionals as well as patient and public awareness initiatives. Companies are encouraged to invest their marketing budget in opportunities that deliver surgeon and allied speciality interaction during OSSI sponsored conferences, workshops, symposiums and courses! A wide range of sponsorships have been developed to meet company’s needs. Companies can choose from any of the conference level sponsorships listed below, or a combination of à la carte sponsorship items that would elevate one’s company to the platinum, gold, or silver level of sponsorship.

Conference Sponsorships:

Conference sponsorship / partnership structure is designed to support the OSSI annual national conference (OSSICON) and its other ancillary activities.

OSSICON is a unique, national event focused on the basic science, clinical application, surgical intervention and prevention of obesity. The largest conference of its kind in the country, OSSICON provides an unmatched multi-track schedule of pre-conference courses, abstract and poster presentations, keynote speakers, industry-sponsored symposia and more.

Companies may support OSSICON by purchasing any of the level sponsorships listed below

Sponsorship Levels







Use of products during live Surgery Telecast


Use of products in hands-on skills lab


Complimentary advertisement in OSSICON promos

Access to OSSICON communications

Member registration rates for OSSICON

Complimentary corporate sponsored symposia



Complimentary access to member list

Meeting room for press / innovation in OSSICON


Booth symposium during OSICON


Access to OSSI pre-conference list

Access to OSSI post-conference list

Complimentary corporate registration




Complimentary delegate registration




Complimentary exhibit booth (size & location varies)

à la carte Sponsorships:

à la carte sponsorship gives companies opportunity for companies to partner with OSSI for individual properties in various conferences and fellowship activities run by the association that could elevate one’s company to the platinum, gold, or silver level of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Particulars

Amount in ₹

Use of products during live Surgery Telecast in OSSICON


Use of products in hands-on skills lab / courses by OSSI or during OSSICON


Banner advertisement in OSSI home page (per quarter)


Advertisement in quarterly newsletter


Corporate sponsored symposia during OSSICON / OSSI endorsed meetings


OSSI member list


OSSI annual registry output data


OSSICON preferential booth upgrade


OSSICON basic booth sponsorship


Access to OSSI pre & post-conference list


OSSI appreciates your commitment to the industry and look forward to working with you!